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Northeast Planning Associates, Inc.

At Northeast Planning Associates, Inc., our goal is helping our clients with their goals. We are a financial services firm dedicated to providing meaningful financial strategies to address the concerns of individuals, families and business owners. For more than 40 years, we at Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. have provided our clients with access to a full range of financial services and products.

We Begin By Listening

Listening to your answers is the best way we can understand your financial needs. Together we will review your present situation and define future goals. We then analyze your current situation and review exactly what steps we need to take to help you work toward your specific financial objectives.

The Planning Process

We start by putting together a strategy of specific recommendations that, taken together, form a comprehensive financial strategy that is unique to your personal financial situation. Once the strategy is in place, we take time to meet with you and clearly explain what is being recommended and why.

Implementing Your Decisions

One of the most important services we can provide is to help you implement the recommendations we have made. Whether it's savings, investments, or insurance, we have the ability to help you execute your decisions.

Reviewing And Updating

Remember that unknown factors, both positive and negative, are always ahead of us. We will be there to help make the adjustments needed so that your financial strategy continues to work toward your goals. We are your partner.

Please contact the financial consultant, Tom Snow, for more information on how Town & Country's partnership with Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. can help you. He can be reached at (207) 553-5406.

Important Disclosure

All securities are offered to the customer by LPL Financial and its Registered Representatives. Although LPL Financial offers services on the premises of Town & Country Federal Credit Union, it is a separate company and is not affiliated with the credit union. Except for certain certificates of deposit and cash sweep deposits, the investment products offered through LPL Financial are not insured credit union deposits and the customer understands that:

  • The products offered are not NCUA insured.
  • The products offered are not obligations of Town & Country Federal Credit Union.
  • The products offered are not endorsed, recommended or guaranteed by Town & Country Federal Credit Union.
  • The value of the investment may fluctuate, the return on the investment is not guaranteed and loss of principle is possible.

LPL Financial is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). SIPC covers member firm failures and does not cover a decline in the market value of securities. The credit union has entered into an agreement with LPL Financial which provides for compensation to be shared between LPL Financial and the credit union for use of credit union facilities.