• Flex Loans

    Flex Loans

    • Competitive rates to meet your needs
    • Flexible terms to fit your budget
    • Easy application process and local decision making

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  • Auto Loans

    Auto Loans

    • Finance your new or used car purchase
    • Refinance your existing auto loans and save
    • Tell the dealer you want a Town & Country auto loan

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  • Mortgage Center

    Mortgage Center

    • Competitively low rates, flexible terms
    • Local decision-making and personalized service
    • Easy pre-approvals for better bargaining power

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  • Home Equity Loans

    Home Equity Loans

    • Fund improvements or anything else
    • Enjoy competitive rates and flexible terms
    • Fast, friendly, Southern Maine service

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  • Home Equity Line of Credit

    Home Equity Line of Credit

    • Utilize your home as collateral for funds
    • Accessible for anything, at anytime
    • Easily reuse funds without reapplying

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  • Recreation Vehicle Loans

    Recreation Vehicle Loans

    • Competitive rates for your recreational needs
    • Flexible terms to fit your budget
    • Easy pre-approvals and local decision-making

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  • Secured Loans

    Secured Loans

    • Secured by balance in savings account
    • Competitively low rates
    • Flexible terms to fit your budget

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