“Sell My House Fast?” Town & Country has some advice

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to selling your house. At Town & Country, we have some simple ways that can help you sell your house fast and get you on the move.

“Selling your home fast doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice getting the full value of your home. One piece of advice I would share with a home owner looking to sell their home fast is to look for perspective buyers that are pre-approved. Without researching your mortgage options beforehand, the prospects of the sale going through could be diminished,” explained Lisa Bellefleur, Vice President of Mortgage Lending at TCFCU.

According to Investopedia, some other tips that can improve the likelihood of selling your home fast include:

  • Differentiate from the neighbors – Make your home memorable, appealing, and stand out from others around you.
  • Clean the clutter – A cluttered home doesn’t showcase your home in its best possible light. You may get offers but they may be well below what you could get without the clutter.
  • Sweeten the deal – Perhaps, offer money towards closing costs, a transferable home warranty, or other incentives that make closing in a short period of time even more enticing.
  • Get your home in move in condition - Knowing they can move in right away without making improvements and updates can motivate eager buyers.
  • Pricing it right – Regardless of how well you renovate and stage your home, it is important to price the home appropriately. Working with a real estate agent can help you do this.

Town & Country encourages you to think about what happens if you successfully sell your home fast. If you plan to stay local, click here to learn more about the many financing solutions on housing options we offer and see why we are the best credit union in southern Maine to fit your needs. With all of our loans serviced by our local staff, who live and work in our community, talking to us is always the right move.

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