Money Conference

 Town & Country's 2018 Money Conference
FREE Event
Saturday, May 5th – 12:00 to 5:00 pm
With a free Cinco de Mayo social hour from 5:00 - 6:00 pm
University of Southern Maine Abromson Center, Portland Campus

Does your financial life need a jumpstart? A new year, a new tax code, a new chance to jumpstart your financial life. Whether you are just getting started or your golden years are on the horizon, join keynote speaker and money management expert Peter Bielagus as he takes you on a hilarious journey through the money maze. Mark your calendar for May 5th and plan to attend Town & Country’s 2018 Money Conference. This information-packed day will sharpen your money-management know-how to help build a better life.

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Planning, Saving and Paying for Higher Education A college education is a big investment. Americans are burdened with more student debt than ever before. This workshop will provide information to help students and their families research and choose a college, identify options to pay for college including financial aid, and develop strategies to deal with debt after graduation.
Speaker: Mary Dyer, Financial Education Officer, FAME and President of Maine Jump$tart Coalition

Take Control of Your Finances with SavvyMoney Learn how to be savvy about your finances with SavvyMoney. In this session, you’ll see how Town & Country’s online money management tool can help you access and monitor your credit score, view your credit report and even file a dispute with a few clicks. You also learn how to create and manage a personal budget, and find the answers to your money questions through engaging financial content.
Speaker: Chris Fraenza, Sr. Director - Partnership Management, SavvyMoney Inc.

Live the Life You Love – Money Basics for Millennials It’s not cheap to live the good life. Travel, going out with friends, an apartment, paying for that pesky student loan and hopefully, a savings account. Understanding your finances can help you afford the lifestyle you want. But, with so many resources and distractions in today's digital world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder where to begin. In this session you will hear about ways to manage your money so you can afford the lifestyle you love.
Speaker: Chris Fraenza, Sr. Director - Partnership Management, SavvyMoney Inc.

Upsize, Downsize Refi- Home Buying and Financing When it comes to buying a home, knowledge leads to good decision making. Whether you are buying your first house, looking to upsize or downsize your current home, or simply want to learn how to use your home’s equity for improvements, this session will answer your home buying and financing questions.
Speakers: Michael Martin, Mortgage Services Manager, Lisa Bellefleur, Mortgage Liaison, Shannon Segars, Mortgage Loan Officer and Chelsea Torrey, Mortgage Loan Officer, for Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Credit Basics – Know the Score Learn why credit is important and the important things lenders look for when they determine your credit worthiness. This session is designed to help you understand your credit report, demystify your credit score, identify things that can hurt your credit and the steps you can take to improve it.
Speakers: Mindy Vaughan, Loan by Phone Service Representative and Becky Harrigan, Collections Representative, Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Bumps in the Road – Dealing with Life's Financial Hurdles Sometimes bad things happen to good people and can create financial challenges you might not be prepared for. If you are struggling through financial hardships such as divorce, illness or loss of a job, this session will provide suggestions and resources to help you navigate some of life's biggest money challenges.
Speakers: Brittany Eaton, Collections Manager and Laurie Nielsen, Loan Specialist III, Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Protecting Your Family’s Future--Estate Planning Essentials In this session, you will hear about important estate planning priorities for all ages and generations. You will learn about essential estate planning tools including wills, trusts and powers of attorney and how to use them to protect your assets and your family’s future. We’ll discuss how parents can protect minor children and explore issues like who will take care of your children and manage assets for them until they are older. You will also hear about common estate planning challenges related to probate, guardianship, titling of assets, and estate taxes.
Speaker: Miles Hunt, Esq., Epstein & O’Donovan Law Office

Generating Income for Living in Retirement Did you know 51% of people are concerned about managing their retirement income to meet their retirement expenses? You don’t have to be one of them. In this workshop, you will hear how people are dealing with retirement planning. You will also learn how retirement is changing, how to prioritize goals and concerns and translate them into retirement expenses, where to look for potential retirement income sources and develop your own personal retirement income plan.
Speaker: Tom Snow, Financial Consultant, Northeast Planning Associates

Investing HER Way—Women and Retirement Women are graduating from college, taking on the role of family breadwinner and starting new businesses at record rates, but they still face unique challenges when it comes to planning and saving for the future. It’s a fact, women today still earn less than men, spend less time in the workforce due to family obligations and are living longer. The result is women are often less prepared for retirement then men. In this workshop, you will learn strategies to proactively take control of your future and maximize your money for tomorrow. Each participant will receive a workbook to help identify personal goals, protect your budget, understand investment fundamentals and more.
Speaker: Tom Snow, Financial Consultant, Northeast Planning Associates

How to Protect Your Money News stories about data breaches, ATM machine skimming and phishing scams are all too common. While you may not be able to stop cyber-attacks on your personal accounts, there are things you can do to protect your financial information. In this workshop, you will learn how to keep your personal information safe and keep your financial data out of hands of cybercriminals. You will leave this session with the latest information on computer security, how to spot and avoid common scams, ways to protect yourself from identify theft and things you can do every day to protect your money.
Speakers: Heidi Hawkes, Member Relationship Manager and Eric Wright, Systems Administrator, Town & Country Federal Credit Union