Fee Schedule

As a cooperative institution, Town & Country Federal Credit Union generally shares with all members the cost of providing individualized service to those who request it. Occasionally, situations arise which require a degree of personal service; the cost of which we feel should be an expense to the individual involved. Listed below are the fees and charges for those services. Fees are subject to change.

As of April 1, 2012

Checking Account Fees
Check Printing Prices vary
Check Printing (members over 62) No Charge
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $30.00 per item
Overdraft Fee $30.00 per item
Stop Payment $25.00 per item
Business Checking Fee $7.00 per month
Copy of a Paid Check $3.00 each
Automatic Transfers (max of 6) $5.00 per item
Line of Credit Advance Fee $5.00 per draw
Balancing Fee $15.00 per hour
Non Magnetic Ink Handling Fee $2.50 per item
Savings Account Fees
Early Closing Fee (less than 6 mos.) $25.00
Below Minimum Balance Fee $2.00 per month
Bill Pay
Bill Pay No Charge
Bill Payment Expedited Fee-Electronic $5.00
Bill Payment Expedited Fee-Check $25.00
Bill Pay Research Fee $30.00
TCPhone 24
24 Hour Account Access No Charge
Home Banking No Charge
VISA Check Card
New Card $3.00 per card
Replacement Card $10.00 per card
Point of Sale Transactions No Charge
Credit Union Owned ATM Fees No Charge
SURF Alliance ATM Fees No Charge
Transfers, Inquiries, Denials No Charge
Foreign Owned ATM Fees No Charge
Draft Retrieval $15.00
Gift Cards
Card Fee $3.95 per card
Monthly maintenance after 6 months $2.95
Lost/stolen card replacement fee $10.00
Shared Branching Non-Member Fees
Excess Check Deposits (more than 5) $0.25 each
Money Orders $3.00 each
Corporate Checks $3.00 each
Travel Money Card Fee $9.95 per card
Travel Money Card Companion Card Fee $3.95 per card
Travel Money Cards
Card Fee $9.95 per card
Card Companion Card Fee $2.95 per card
Reload Fee $3.50 per card
Wire Transfers
Domestic $20.00 each
Foreign $40.00 each
Incoming Wire $10.00 each
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental Rates:  
3 x 5 Box $40.00
5 x 5 Box $50.00
3 x 10 Box $60.00
5 x 10 Box $80.00
10 x 10 Box $100.00
Lock Replacement $200.00
Other Fees
Account History $3.00 each
Checking Account Registers No Charge
Checking Account Covers No Charge
Copy of a Statement No Charge
Corporate Checks $3.00 each
Deposited Item Returned $15.00 per item
Inactive Account Fee $5.00 per month
Money Orders $3.00 each
No Forwarding Address $3.00 per month
Non-Member On-Us Check Cashing Fee $3.00 each
Non-Member ATM Surcharge Fee $2.00 each
Notary Public Service No Charge
Photocopy Service $0.20 per copy
Phone Transfer No Receipt No Charge
Phone Transfer Mailed Receipt $0.35 each
Research ($15 minimum) $15.00 per hour
Skip a Payment Fee $30.00
Unclaimed Account Fee $50.00
Outstanding Corporate Check Fee (6 months+) $25.00