Enjoy the future with your new Town & Country Debit Card!

All members will be receiving new debit card because we are transitioning to a new debit card program that will offer significantly more benefits for our members. In order to facilitate this transition, all existing Debit Cards must be re-issued and replaced with our new enhanced and upgraded card. 

Important activation information for your new Debit Card: 

You will begin using your new Town & Country Debit Card effective September 13, 2023. 

Please activate your new card prior to September 13, 2023, as your current debit card will no longer work after that date. 

After activating your new card please do not destroy your old card until after September 13, 2023.

You may activate your new card over the phone by calling 888.691.8661

For added safety you will not be receiving a PIN in the mail, you must set your PIN by calling 888.891.2435

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with your new Town & Country Debit Card:

  • 24/7 support to serve your needs and assist you at anytime from anywhere;
  • Access to a new, significantly larger surcharge-free ATM Network with more than 30,000 nationwide, of which 165 are located in Maine including 60 Hannaford locations in Maine; and
  • An added layer of security on e-commerce transactions including a one-time text code on higher risk transactions so members can approve the transaction. 
  • *Coming Soon* Digital Re-issuance capability. If you ever lose or have another issue with your debit card, we can digitally re-issue a new debit card to you in minutes and have it delivered right to your mobile app so you can load it into your mobile wallet;

Traveling around Maine or the U.S.? 

Take advantage of 165+ surcharge-free ATMs including more than 60 Hannaford locations in Maine and 30,000 nationwide. Plus, access nearly 6,000 shared branches in Maine and throughout the country. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact one of our Member Services Representatives at 800.649.3495; or email info@tcfcu.com

Thank you for your understanding during this transition. We are confident you will be very satisfied with the improved member experience your new Town & Country Debit Card will provide.

New Debit Card FAQ

What is happening with my debit card?

As part of Town & Country’s commitment to continuously seeking ways to improve our member experience, we are introducing a new and enhanced debit card. This new debit card includes a significant upgrade in technology and other features and benefits. As part of the transition to our new debit card, all members will receive a new card.

When will I receive my new debit card?

We will be mailing new debit cards along with a communication outlining usage and activation instructions to all members in mid-August. For added safety, you will not be receiving a PIN the mail for your new card. You will be able to set your new PIN anytime by calling 888.891.2435, once your new card is activated.

Can I start using my new debit card right away?

No. We are not transitioning to our new debit card platform UNTIL September 13, 2023.  You can only use your existing debit card until September 13th. To ensure a smooth transition to your new debit card, you are encouraged to activate it prior to September 13th.

What happens to my current debit card after September 13th?

As of September 13, your current debit card will no longer work after that date.

What are some of the benefits of the new debit card?

  • You will have 24/7 support available to assist you and your needs from anywhere;
  • Our new technology will enable new debit cards to be issued and/or re-issued digitally right to your phone so if you lose your card or have any issues, you will not have to wait to start using a new card;
  • Your debit card provides access to more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide including at 60 Hannaford locations in Maine, along with more than 100 other Maine locations.

Why is this happening?

Town & Country is focused on integrating better member experiences as often as we can. The new debit card and platform will provide greater flexibility for members and to introduce enhancements to our new debit cards more smoothly and easily.

What happens if I don’t get my new debit card?

Receipt of your new debit card depends on mail delivery patterns in your individual area, but all debit cards will be mailed on the same date. If you don’t receive your new debit card by August 31st, please reach out to our Member Services Team at 800.649.3495; or email info@tcfcu.com

Can I still update my mailing information?

Yes, you can update your mailing information through online banking or by calling 800.649.3495.

Will this effect my checking account?

No, this is only going to effect transactions against your debit card.  Any direct deposits, ACH transactions or items processed against your routing number and account number will not be effected by this conversion. 

Can I use the same PIN?

Your old PIN will not carry over to the new card, however you may set it to any 4 digit number you would like by calling 888.891.2435.