Another happy ending! Couple saves $1,730 a month thanks to TCFCU!

At Town & Country, we understand everyone’s story is different. That’s why we offer personalized solutions that focus on an individual’s needs, challenges, and goals. Here is Joe and Nicole’s story:

Joe and Nicole were feeling the financial stress from too much debt and reached out for help. originally paying $480 a month on a personal flex loan and $441.47 on an auto loan. We were able to add the personal flex loan to the auto loan and save $480 a month in payments. We rewrote all but one credit card into a home equity loan and lowered their monthly payment to $655 a month. In total, we were able to save Joe and Nicole $1,730 a month.

What’s your story? Schedule an appointment (by video, by phone or in-branch); email us; or call 800.649.3495 and tell us how we can help you. We will help find a happy ending to your story.