Introducing our contactless Visa Debit Card and a healthier way to pay!

With Town & Country's new contactless Debit Card, you can now pay in a healthy, safe and convenient way!  It joins our contactless Credit Card, which we introduced several years ago, as great options to pay with your personal and financial wellness in mind.

Enjoy the benefits without the risks! When you show your contactless card, checkout is safe, secure, convenient and touch-free so it can provide added protection from getting sick and other health concerns.

Paying with your Town & Country Visa Debit contactless card is not only simple but healthy, too.  And, we're the first credit union in Maine and one of only a handful of financial institutions in the state to offer a contactless Visa Debit Card!

With our contactless Visa Debit Card, you can pay in seconds without touching the terminal. No swipes, no fumbling for your card, no hassles. Also, add your Town & Country contactless Visa Debit Card (and Credit Card) to your digital wallet so you can pay even when your card isn’t with you.  

When you show your contactless card or payment-enabled device, checkout is safe, secure and touch-free. You can also choose the way you pay whether it’s with a contactless card, payment-enabled phone, smart watch or other device. Paying with your Visa contactless card or device is as simple as show, pay and be on your way!

Your contactless Debit Card could be a click away.

Town & Country Contactless Debit and Credit Card FAQ