Credit Cards

Secured Visa® Credit Card

If you are looking to open your first credit card in order to establish credit or need to rebuild your credit after tough financial times, Town & Country's Secured Visa® credit card is a great option.

With our Secured Platinum Visa®, you'll enjoy great rates as well as no balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, or annual fees. Whether you're here in Maine or somewhere else, you'll have the spending power you need -- plus local service from people you know. Apply online today!


Chip technology for enhanced security and protection – Read FAQs

  • Improve your credit score
  • Great rates
  • No annual fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • No cash advance fees
  • Flexible credit limits
  • Credit limit secured by funds in savings
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • Local personalized service
  • Debt protection is available through Loan Protection Plus
  • Manage your card with online banking--view account activity and make payments
  • Benefits include travel accident insurance and auto rental insurance
  • Visa zero liability fraud protection available

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Download Credit Card Disclosure [PDF]

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Loan Protection

Protect yourself in the event of unforeseen circumstances with Town & Country's Loan Protection Plus program. Loan protection will help cancel or reduce repayments of debt at times when other things in life may take priority.

  • Loan protection in the event unforeseen circumstances should occur
  • Simple eligibility requirements
  • Enrollment is fast and easy
  • Add protection right over the phone
  • Available for consumer loans, home equity loans, and credit card debt

Let us help you find a program that fits your budget and financial needs. Learn more about the many benefits of loan protection.

Verified By Visa®

If you enjoy shopping online, you'll have added security with Verified by Visa®. It's a free service that protects your existing Visa® card with a personal password, giving you reassurance that only you can use your card online.

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