Amazon® Alexa

If you love the convenience technology brings to your life, you’ll be excited to know you can now manage your accounts with Town & Country’s new skill for Alexa.

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service and provides capabilities, or skills, allowing users to create a more personalized experience. With Town & Country’s skill, you’ll be able to stay on top of your finances just by asking Alexa. You can securely access your checking, savings, loan and credit card account balances, monitor your spending or find other information such as the credit unions routing number through any Amazon® Alexa-enabled device including Echo, Dot, Tap, Show and the new Spot.

Town & Country is the first credit union and among the first banks in the nation to offer an Alexa Skill with account linking and account management functionality.

How to get started
  1. Enable Skill
    • Open the Alexa app or go to Amazon.com. Select "skills" and search for TCFCU. Select "enable" and accept "terms and conditions"
  2. Link your account
    • Enter your Town & Country username and password and create a personal key
  3. Talk to Alexa
    • Now you can talk to Alexa about your Town & Country account
How to Talk to Alexa

Here are some things you can ask Alexa about you Town & Country accounts. First, be sure to say, “Alexa, open TCFCU” and provide your personal key.

  • "What's my balance in my checking account?"
  • "How much money do I have in my savings account?" 
  • "What is my routing number?"
  • "How late are your branches open today?"