Banzai Financial Wellness Program

As a member, your financial wellness is important to us. That is why Town & Country provides free financial education resources to help equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to tackle life’s financial challenges. 

One way we do this is with Banzai — an interactive financial education platform that can answer your financial questions and support you on your financial journey through life. Banzai includes a comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of tools on the financial topics you care most about including savings, budgeting, housing, life changes, debt and credit, investing, retirement, insurance, taxes and more.

Take a Financial Health Check Up

Wondering where you stand when it comes to your personal finances? The Banzai Financial Wellness Assessment lets you analyze your spending, budgeting, and saving habits so you can reflect on how you’re currently managing your money. This assessment can help you focus on your financial habits and choices and provides recommendations where you can adjust to help reach your goals.

Start Here

If getting your credit cards under control are a priority in the new year, Banzai can help you reach that goal. 

Picking the Right Credit Card for You

To use credit to your maximum advantage, take the time to shop around to find the best card for your needs and lifestyle.

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Best Practices for Using Credit Cards

Learn some tips and strategies to manage a credit card while earning rewards, building your credit score while making your regular purchases.

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Using Credit

While borrowing money makes it possible to afford things you might not be able to otherwise, you’ll want to make sure you know what you are signing up for and that you an manage the payments. 

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Financial knowledge begins with a click. Explore all the Banzai Financial Wellness resources today.