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    On Your Money

Your Personal Budget

Know Where Your Money Goes

If you want a clear picture of your spending compared to your income, you need a budget. A budget will help you take control of your personal finances so your money can work harder for you. A budget will also help:

  • See where your money goes
  • Plan for the future
  • Become more financially secure
  • Identify poor money habits
  • Reduce financial stress

A budget can show you where you may be spending too much money and spot expenses you can eliminate or trim to free up money to put towards your goals.

So, what are your financial goals?

  • Create an emergency fund?
  • Save to buy that camp you have been dreaming of?
  • Get back on your feet and pay off debt?
  • Put more away for retirement?
  • Set money aside for a vacation?
  • Save for kids’ college?
  • Something else?

Write them down! It makes them more real.

Contact us at with budgeting questions or to schedule time to talk with a Member Services Representative.

Your Budget Worksheet

Town & Country Federal Credit Union’s free downloadable Personal Budget worksheet can help you get started. With this budget worksheet you can:

  • Track income, expenses, and savings
  • Compare monthly income and expenses
  • See where you can cut back and save more

For additional tips to create your budget, click here.

Other Budgeting Tools Available from Town & Country

If you are looking for a more robust digital budgeting tool that can link to your accounts at Town & Country and other financial institutions, consider Town & Country’s Money Management program. Money Management allows you to automatically track spending, create a budget with the goal of helping you improve your overall financial wellbeing. The program offers easy to read charts, debt payoff forecaster, cash flow calendar and email and text alerts.

It is free and available to all Town & Country mobile and online banking users. Learn more here.

We’re Here to Help

If you have questions about budgeting or would like help in setting a plan to reach your financial goals, connect with us at or 800-649-3495 to schedule time to talk with one of our member service representatives. 

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