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Money Fights & How to Avoid Them

If we’re honest, we don’t need research to tell us what we already know deep in our bones: We don’t always agree with our partners on money matters. Often, fights with a spouse or partner about spending or...

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Combining Finances and Talking to Your Partner About Money

Money can be a challenging subject to bring up with your spouse or life partner. But despite how uncomfortable talking about our finances may make us feel, the discussions eventually have to happen for you and your partner...

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Why Is Money So Emotional?

While our finances can stress us out, there are ways to take control. Anyone who has ever lost sleep over credit card bills or stock market shake-ups knows that money is so much more than just a set...

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6 Moves to Uncouple Your Money in Separation or Divorce

Separation or divorce are stressful. Both on your family and your finances. This life changing experience requires many day-to-day adjustments, and the financial consequences can be significant. As you go through separation or divorce, it is important to...

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Emergency Funds 101: The Key to Staying Debt Free & Sane

The pandemic taught us many things. (Some of those lessons we may wish we never had to learn, but we learned them nonetheless.) Perhaps one of the most indelible is the importance of having an emergency fund for...

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How to Create a Budget and What to Put into It

Once you’ve decided it’s time to create a budget or get back on track with an updated spending plan, you’ll have more than a few options to choose from. You can go old school and use notebooks, or...

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Why You Need a Budget: How Budgeting Can Help You Reach Your Long-Term Goals

Let’s be honest. A whole slew of Americans — almost two-thirds by several counts — have no idea how much money they spend in a month. They also have little idea where their money goes. Yes, taxes and...

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How To Manage Your Debt: Strategies & Tools

Even if you're financially responsible, life's unpredictable nature can sometimes catch you off guard, at times making it dangerously easy to fall into debt. Discover how to start managing your debt with these tips and tools. Debt Strategies...

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Know the True Cost of Owning a Car

It costs money for people to get around—whether it’s by taking public transportation, renting a vehicle, using ride-hailing services, or buying a car. For those who choose to buy a vehicle, it’s likely to be one of the...

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Dealing with Outstanding Debt

At Town & Country, we understand that owing money to family and friends, businesses, the government, or for medical or legal expenses, can be stressful and feel overwhelming. Plus, unresolved debt can impact your credit score and make...

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