If your home is feeling dated or in need of repair, now may be the time to plan for some improvements and upgrades. Whether you simply want to make your space more functional and enjoyable for you and your family today, or you are looking to get it ready to sell in the future, certain improvements will bring you more return on your investment than others. Here are 10 home improvement projects that can make a big difference in adding value to your home.

Take Care of the Basics

Ongoing maintenance isn’t sexy, but it is essential to preserving your home’s value, plus can save you money in the long run. Before taking on more cosmetic projects, make sure basic systems are working well and your home is in good repair. Leaks in the roof or basement, aging and inefficient heating or air conditioning systems, deteriorating walkways should be priorities. Plus, take care of the little things that often get put off, like torn screens, broken door latches and chipped paint, especially if you are thinking about selling. These are relatively quick and inexpensive fixes.

Freshen Your Rooms with Paint

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to bring a room back to life. Painting is one of the simplest, most cost-effective home improvements you can do. If you plan to stay in your home for a while, go ahead and pick your favorite bright colors. But, if you are thinking about selling in the next few years, you might want to choose neutral colors that will appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

You don’t have to do a total overhaul and spend a lot of money when it comes to a kitchen upgrade. There are a range relatively simple updates you can make in the kitchen to fit your objectives and budget including modernizing the cabinets and countertops, replacing dated light fixtures, upgrading to new energy-efficient appliances, updating the sink and faucet, and updating the flooring. Even consider adding a backsplash for a new look. To save money, make thrifty decisions. Instead of buying new cabinets, repainting and new hardware will give your kitchen a fresh look. Buy builder-grade fixtures and shop for flooring and new appliances at discount stores. Pinterest has lots of great ideas for budget-friendly kitchen upgrades.

Focus on Bathrooms

A bathroom update can bring great returns for your money. Consider refreshing your bathroom with a new vanity or repaint the existing one and add new hardware, replace the countertop, change out the toilet and faucets, upgrade the showerhead, and re-caulk the bathtub. A new mirror or medicine cabinet can help modernize the space and different light fixtures can add style to the bathroom. You can also improve functionality with a more efficient vent fan to reduce moisture build-up. As with the kitchen, Pinterest is a great source for DIY and budget-friendly bathroom improvements.

Modernize Flooring

If your home has carpeting, tile or linoleum that is dingy and worn, new floors could be a great investment. Hardwood floors have wide appeal but can be expensive. If you want the look of hardwood for less, laminate flooring is a great alternative. Today, there are many other high-quality and affordable flooring options including bamboo, cork, vinyl and more to suit all tastes and budgets. And if you already have hardwood floors and they are look worn, it may be time to invest in refinishing. It will be sure to brighten any room.

Refresh Your Décor

If your home is looking tired and outdated, some simple updates could be the answer to freshen your space. Replacing dated décor can have a big impact. Consider upgrading to new and more contemporary light fixtures, electrical switches and outlet covers, faucets, doorknobs, floor registers, window treatments and curtains. Even inexpensive options can give your home a much more modern look.

Improve the Landscaping

Investing in new landscaping can help make your house look clean and appealing, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Start simple with yard clean up, fresh grass seed in bare spots, mulching flower beds and pruning overgrown bushes. Add some low-cost landscaping like colorful shrubs and plants. Both will add beauty and value to your home. Local garden centers can offer great advice on what to plant or talk with neighbors and friends who are known to have a green thumb for ideas.

Spruce Up the Outside of Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home soon, curb appeal matters. Buyers are more likely to look at the inside of your house if they like what they see on the outside. Some easy fixes can go a long way. Be sure to repair any loose siding or shutters and seal crack in the driveway. Paint your front door, exterior trim, and window shutters so they look fresh and bright. Make sure walkways are in good repair. If your front door, siding, or garage doors are old and damaged, it may be time to replace. These are three home improvements that bring some of the highest return on your investment. Some other low-cost changes that can add a “homey” touch include a new welcome mat, mailbox, updated house numbers, outdoor lighting and even a backyard firepit.

Rejuvenate or Add a Deck

A deck will add value to any home. It offers a great spot for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. If your home already has a wooden deck, cleaning and staining it make it feel fresh and new. Add outdoor lighting to give it a modern feel. If you are going to build a new deck, consider the material you want to use. Composite decking is popular and requires less maintenance than wood decks. Decide on what works best for you.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly home improvements are a great investment because they add value to your home and save you money over time. There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient, ranging from relatively easy and affordable fixes like installing programable thermostats, adding insulation, caulking around doors and windows to keep drafts out, to large updates like replacing windows, installing solar panels or a heat pump.

Paying for Your Home Improvements

Once you decide which projects you are going to tackle, figure out your budget. Whether you are hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself, you are going to want to know how much the improvements will cost. Take a look at your current finances. If you have cash to cover the cost of the improvements, great. If not, you may need to borrow money for the projects. If you have equity in your home, a fixed rate home equity loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit could be the answer. Reach out to Town & Country to learn more about home improvement financing options available that will fit your budget and help make that project a reality. Contact us at info@tcfcu.com or 800.649.3495 to schedule time to talk with one of our loan officers.

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