Are you looking to build the ultimate game room? Look no further, we have ideas for you to make your setup elite. There are many types of gamers and types of gaming, from consoles to computers to handheld devices. Each one has pros and cons. We aren’t here to convince you of a certain type, only to give examples for your game room.

With eSports and video game streaming becoming more and more popular, having your own room or space for gaming has become a priority for people. There were approximately 380 million esports viewers in 2018, and that's expected to surge to roughly 557 million viewers by 2021, according to a report from Newzoo. Of those 557 million projected viewers, 307 million will identify as "occasional viewers" and 250 million will consider themselves "esports enthusiasts".


Available Space - First thing to consider is the space you have to work with. Size matters the most when establishing a video gaming room because you have to be certain of the placement. While the below picture is a great gaming room, it’s also cramped. Being cramped and uncomfortable while gaming takes away from the experience.



Systems - Consoles vs PC (Computer) vs Mobile

It doesn’t make any sense to have a gaming room for mobile, but console and computer are a different matter. Do you have one console system you love the most or do you have them all? (see below) If you are a PC purist, then there are lots of options to consider, not just Mac or Windows. Here is a selection of gaming systems reviewed from, so you can compare. (Source:

Multiple Console setup



Example PC gaming setup, complete with mini fridge!jeAAlCuOLJdt9HHBa6zgvJXfttoFHdaYqGewA3LPBk7GwCPwhG-V2IxxjOhtC__31rt2h4-Dh3x_SjX3MsB31saXjRSRde7FPOy6T4rOYYVN6fiC8ihwyKLxoqpbXxrGxESEHABW


TV (or TV’s) or Projector - When considering your room setup, you will need to decide on TV’s vs Projector. If this area doubles as a man cave, sports room, or theatre room a projector may be a better fit. Here is a link for more details. (Source:

Electrical Installation - It’s very important to know the electrical load of your house. Why? You don’t want to overload the system on one area or you will trip the breaker all the time. Knowing the output of your system, screens, lighting, sound, and other items within the room, makes a difference.





Financing - Last but certainly not least, is financing. We offer all kinds of way to fund your new Game Room, from personal loans to mortgages we can help you bring your ideas to life. When you are considering upgrading to another house or buying a new home, consider the mortgage option. It’s better on the budget than credit cards and gives you the option of using money you can pay off over time.

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