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Top 5 Reasons You Should Give Them Their Own Bed

November 27, 2019

Americans love sleeping with their pets, in fact, almost 71% of pet owners share their bed with their pet. Are you one of them? Not everyone agrees however, some animal behaviorists disagree. We have compiled our top 5 reasons you should get fido his own bed.

  1. Co-sleeping with your pet can cause behavioral issues. The jury is still out on this hot topic, but some animal trainers and animal behaviorists believe some pets can get possessive and start acting out when they are allowed to share the bed with their humans.
  2. Comfort. How much room does little fluffy need? All of it. Our pets can take up a lot of room and keep you awake.
  3. Lifestyle. Pet hair don’t care. Make sure you are ok with the lifestyle of pets sharing your bed, muddy paws and all.
  4. Sleep Cycles. Pets sleep in different sleep cycles than humans do and this can be a struggle to get a good nights rest when you are sharing your bed. Cats and dogs are polyphasic sleepers, cycling through sleep cycles more often than humans do.
  5. Bugs. Nobody wants to be bit by fleas, or any bug while sleeping. Co-sleeping with your dog can open up moments for fleas to show up in your bed. Even on the rare occasion, once is enough!

So what do you do instead?

We suggest getting your pupper their own bed so you can get your bed back. Here are some great suggestions that make sure you are still spoiling your favorite furry family member.

Their own sofa. Seriously, give them their own sofa – the lap of luxury.


This is the Pet Sofa Style Dog Bed for Furhaven (Source: Amazon)


The nationwide chain Casper even offers dog beds. Memory Foam Dog Beds.


A “donut” dog bed might just keep your dog in bed more often than not. This Cuddler Pet Bed by Best Friends by Sheri looks like it should come in human sizes too!

With pet sofas, pet donut beds and memory foam dog beds you may need to upgrade your living arrangements for yourself. We are here for you so you can get your bed back. From mortgages to personal loans and pet loans, we can help you look at getting the space you need for your furry family.

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