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Register now for Town & Country’s Money Conference – Saturday, October 19, Noon to 5 p.m., at the University of Southern Maine’s Abromson Center in Portland.  IT’S FREE!
Town & Country’s 5th Annual Money Conference is just around the corner, and you’re invited!  This FREE event takes place on Saturday, October 19, from Noon to 5 p.m., at USM’s Abromson Center in Portland, is all about providing sense to help you do more with your dollars!  We’ve got workshops featuring experts that cover a variety of financial topics including new sessions this year, such as The Sandwich Generation; Uncoupling Your Money in Separation and Divorce; and What is Financial Health, Really?  In addition, we’ll have sessions on Paying for College; Planning and Saving for Retirement; Protecting your Money from Fraud; Home Buying and Exploring Options; Credit Basics; Navigating Financial Curveballs; and much more.  There are sessions for all ages.  Pizza and refreshments will also be provided, and lots of exhibitors featuring information and resources for attendees. 
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Money Conference Schedule 

12:00-12:30pm: Registration

12:30-12:45pm: Introduction

12:50-1:50pm: Session One

1:50-2:05pm: Break

2:05- 3:05pm: Session Two

3:05-3:20pm: Break

3:20-4:20pm: Session Three

4:30-5:00pm: Wrap Up Session

5:00pm: Food & Drinks

Session One
Session Two
Session Three
12:50pm -1:50pm
2:05pm -3:05pm
3:20pm -4:20pm
Safeguarding Your Family’s Future—Estate Planning Essentials
What is Financial Health, Really?
Income for What’s Next — Paying for Retirement
Hannaford Hall
Income for What’s Next — Paying for Retirement
Paying, Saving and Paying for Higher Education
Safeguarding Your Family’s Future—Estate Planning Essentials
Room 109
The Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle
The Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle
I’m Worried about my Parents’ Finances!
Room 110
When Life Throws You a Financial Curveball
Uncoupling Your Money in Separation and Divorce
How to Protect Your Money
Room 213
Credit Basics—Know the Score
Beyond Credit Basics – The Story Continues
Beyond Credit Basics – The Story Continues
Room 214
Car Buying Basics
Take Control of Your Finances with Savvy Money
Live the Life You Love – Money Basics for Millennials
Room 215
Home Buying — Explore Your Options
Get Prequalified (mortgage)
Get Prequalified (mortgage)
Room 216

Workshop and Exhibitors

The Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle (NEW) Have you heard of the terms “Sandwich Generation” or “SandGEN?”  It refers to adults who are responsible for their own needs as well as the care and support of both their dependent children and elderly family members.  This workshop will provide information and resources on common types of investment scams, red flags, tips and checklists to help you develop good financial habits, and suggestions on how to start talking to your elderly family members and children about financial issues.

Speaker: Judith Shaw, Esq., Securities Administrator, Maine Office of Securities

Take Control of Your Finances with Savvy Money

Who’s the best person to make decisions about your money?  You are, and, with a little knowhow and understanding, being savvy with your finances can be easier than you think.  In this session, you’ll see how Town & Country’s online money management tool, Savvy Money, can help you check your credit score, learn about personal finance, view your credit report and even check your financial health.  Get started on a path to becoming the financially savvy person you know you can be with this workshop.   

Speaker: Chris Fraenza, Senior Director - Partnership Marketing, SavvyMoney Inc.

Planning, Saving and Paying for Higher Education

Often, just hearing the words “higher education,” can induce anxiety and stress about how to pay for it.  Let’s face it – higher education is a big investment and, with more Americans than ever burdened with student debt, planning, saving and paying can be a significant challenge.  In this workshop, you’ll get information on how to plan, save and pay for higher education.  From how to research and choose a college to starting a 529 account and other available options on paying for college including financial aid, this could help put you at the head of the class when it comes to successfully navigating the cost of higher education.  You’ll also learn strategies on how to deal with debt after graduation.     

Speaker: Mary Dyer, Financial Education Officer, FAME and President of Maine Jump$tart Coalition

What Is Financial Health, Really? (NEW) Financial heath includes more than simply having money. It extends to how we feel about our financial situation. Financial anxiety can drain your quality of life, but there are simple things you can do to develop a healthy financial mindset. This talk will overview Morningstar research into the minds of spenders and savers and explain how four simple mental factors can affect your financial health and wellbeing. Speaker: Sarah Newcomb, Director of Behavioral Science, Morningstar, Inc.

Credit Basics–Know the Score

What’s in a number?  The answer is, depending on what your number is, a lot.  A credit score can have a significant impact on how much interest you pay, fees, amount of a loan, access to credit and more.  Learn why credit is important and the things lenders look for when they determine your credit worthiness. This session is designed to help you understand your credit report, demystify your credit score, identify things that can hurt your credit and the steps you can take to improve it.

Speakers: Rebecca Harrigan, Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Beyond Credit Basics – The Story Continues (NEW) In this session, we will take a deeper look into Credit Reporting and Credit scores.  This session will educate attendees about the different credit scoring model used, what credit reporting agencies do with data they receive, as well as what the difference is between a soft and hard credit inquiry against your credit.   The implications of ID theft as well as filing credit bureau disputes to remove or correct erroneous data from your credit file will also be explored. 

Speaker: Nicole Lemieux, Branch Manager, Town & Country Federal Credit Union

How to Protect Your Money

News stories about data breaches, ATM machine skimming, and phishing scams are all too common.  What can you do to help avoid being a victim? While you may not be able to stop all cyber-attacks on your personal accounts, there are things you can do to protect your financial information. In this workshop, you will learn how to keep your personal information safe, keep your financial data out of hands of cybercriminals, and avoid falling for today’s sophisticated financial scams.

Speakers: Heidi Hawkes, Member Relationship Manager and Michael Jackson, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Town & Country Federal Credit Union

I’m Worried about My Parents’ Finances! (NEW) If you’re concerned about your parents’ ability to manage their finances, what do you do? Are you concerned that they may fall victim to a scam? Did you see “Past Due” notices on the desk the last time you visited? We’ll discuss normal cognitive aging and red flags that might signal something is awry, tips on how to broach the difficult subject and systems and documents families should have in place.

Speaker: Connie Jones, Money Minders Program Coordinator, Southern Maine Agency on Aging

Car Buying—What You Need to Know (UPDATED) There is a lot more to buying a car than just kicking the tires.  Ever wish you had inside knowledge when buying a car? In this workshop, you’ll learn how dealers make their money and how you can save more of it when you buy. You’ll also learn why to get pre-approved, 0% financing vs. rebates, what to know before visiting the dealership and negotiation tactics. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to be confident when you buy your next car.

Speaker: Wayne Hill, Indirect Lending Manager, Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Safeguarding Your Family’s Future–Estate Planning Essentials

In this session, you will hear about important estate planning priorities for all ages and generations. You will learn about essential estate planning tools including wills, trusts and powers of attorney and how to use them to protect your assets and your family’s future. We’ll discuss how parents can protect minor children and explore issues like who will take care of your children and manage assets for them until they are older.

Speaker: Miles Hunt, Esq., Epstein & O’Donovan Law

When Life Throws You a Financial Curveball (UPDATED)

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and can create financial challenges you might not be prepared for. If you are struggling through financial hardships such as illness, divorce or loss of a job, this session will provide suggestions and resources to help you navigate some of life’s biggest money challenges. Concepts to help you get back on the field to financial solvency, such as understanding debt recovery strategies including bankruptcy, loan consolidation and lower payment deferments will be covered.

Speakers: Brittany Eaton, Collections Manager, Town & Country Federal Credit Union, and Tanya Sambatakos, Esq., Molleur Law

Uncoupling Your Money in Separation and Divorce (NEW) If you are contemplating separation or divorce from your partner or spouse or are in the midst of this life changing experience, this workshop will help you understand why and how to “uncouple” your personal finances to help establish your new life. You will learn about building a budget to fit your new lifestyle, explore the question of “should I keep the house”, what you can do to protect your credit and more.

Speakers: Laurie Nielsen, Loan Specialist and Chelsea Torrey, Mortgage Loan Officer (NMLS#1618414), Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Home Buying – Explore Your Options (UPDATED) When it comes to one of your biggest, if not the biggest, investments in your life, there are a variety of options.  We’ve constructed this workshop to cover many of those options including First-time home purchase; Already in a home and want to figure out what to do next; and Selling and buying another home stay where you are at and improve your property. This session will also outline some of the housing options to consider, such as Investment properties, second homes, Tiny Homes; Condos; multi-unit buildings; camps, RV’s, etc.  Finally, we’ll include information that can get you moving faster on a purchase including credit requirements to qualify for a mortgage; what we look for as a lender – credit score; costs; debt to income ratio; and more.

Speakers: Lisa Bellefleur, Vice President of Mortgage Services (NMLS#473292); Chelsea Torrey, Mortgage Loan Officer (NMLS#1618414), Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Get Prequalified for Your Mortgage (NEW) Would you like to get pre-qualified for a mortgage in just 20 minutes?  At this new session, you will have an opportunity to ask your personal home loan/mortgage questions and/or get prequalified for a mortgage in just 20 minutes.

Speakers: Lisa Bellefleur, Vice President of Mortgage Services (MNLS#473292); Chelsea Torrey, Mortgage Loan Officer (MNLS#1618414), Town & Country Federal Credit Union

Live the Life You Love – Money Basics for Millennials (UPDATED)

It’s not cheap to live the good life. Travel, going out with friends, an apartment, paying for that pesky student loan and hopefully, a savings account. Understanding your finances can help you afford the lifestyle you want. But, with so many resources and distractions in today’s digital world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder where to begin. In this session you will hear about ways to manage your money so you can afford the lifestyle you love.

Speakers: Chris Fraenza, Sr. Director - Partnership Management, SavvyMoney Inc.


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