Town & Country’s 2019 Money Conference

Town & Country’s 5th Annual Money Conference was held on Saturday, October 19, at USM in Portland. This year’s conference featured a diverse range of topics focused on providing learning opportunities for nearly all demographics. A number of new workshops were held this year including Finances and Separation and Divorce, “Discussing the psychology about how and why people spend and save,” and “Aging Parents and Finances.” Some of the other workshops covered were on home buying, credit basics, paying for college, estate planning, and car buying. 

David Libby, President and CEO of the credit union, explained the primary purpose of the conference,“It’s about sharing information, expertise and knowledge on financial topics that impact our everyday lives. Nothing like this event is held in Maine, so we are proud to be a leader in financial wellness education in our state.”

Nearly 250 attendees registered for the 2019 Conference, and feedback from attendees on the value of the workshops was overwhelmingly positive. One attendee called it “one of the best conferences focused on personal finance and money management that I’ve ever attended.” Another remarked, “I was so impressed with your commitment to educating consumers on financial planning and managing money.

Watch for a recap video of the Conference with more information on some of the speakers and sessions coming soon. In addition, we’ll have information on the 2020 Money Conference posted in the spring.