Take Control of Your Finances Today with Money Management

Looking to get your personal finances in order? Money Management from Town & Country is a free digital financial management and budgeting tool designed to help you take control of your money.  With Money Management you will be able to make better financial decisions in real-time from anywhere and have the  information you need to plan, save, pay off debt, and achieve long-term financial health.

Money Management is easy to use and free to all Town & Country mobile and online banking users.

  • Link all of your accounts – View all of your Town & Country and accounts from other financial institutions in one place
  • View all transactions and track cash flow – All transactions are automatically categorized to make it easy to see where your money is coming from and going to and can help plan for upcoming expenses
  • Create and manage your budget – Auto creation of personal budget based on spending
  • Manage your debt – Snapshot of all debts in one place, debt payoff plan, and timeline and savings options with payment strategies
  • Visualize net worth – Track your assets and liabilities each month to see how money management affects overall net worth
  • Set financial goals – Access to all accounts in one place helps create short and long-term goals, save for the future, and pay off debt
  • Set and manage alerts – Get text or email alerts to help keep spending on track, get reminders when bills are due or other important events.

Log into your Town & Country online banking account, look for Money Management found under “Manage Money” in the top navigation and click to get started.